We propose a technical audit of your site, including a semantic analysis and an action plan, as well as recommendations for future pages to be developed. As an option, we propose the writing of SEO-optimized blog articles.

The SEO strategy can be applied to both French and English websites.
The first step in any SEO strategy is a thorough audit of your site to establish a clear action plan on which to build the SEO strategy. The audit contains, among others, indicators such as:
- Speed of the site
- Ease of navigation on mobile devices
- Accessibility for search engines
- Current indexing in search engines
- Search for duplicate pages
- Meta tags and HTML attributes
- Redirects
- Internal and external links
- Ranked keywords
Semantic analysis
The objective of SEO is not only to maximize traffic but also to increase the number of visitors who become customers. This is why it is important to start any digital strategy with a thorough study of your business and your market, in order to reference yourself on the most effective keywords. The structure and content of your site will have to be optimized according to these keywords in order to allow you to be well referenced by search engines.
Content creation
Conten (blog articles, videos, posts on social networks, infographics) creation is an essential element of search engine optimization. We recommend content that is both useful to your target audience and optimized for SEO.
Top quality links
You must always prioritize the quality of your backlinks rather than their quantity. We make recommendations so that you are taken up by influential content creators in your sector.
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