Who are the persons coming to your site?
Are they interested in your product?
Which pages do they visit the most?
How do you manage to get more visitors who will convert into customers?

All these questions, and much more, can be answered with a good analytics system in place on your site.
Our method
We get to know each other in a first meeting. This is the opportunity for you to tell us about your business, your identity and your objectives. We then define together clear and precise business goals for your online presence. Based on these goals, we specify a set of Key Performance Indicators (KPI) to be tracked on a regular basis. These KPIs are gathered in comprehensive dashboards and reports, along with recommendations to enhance your operations and business. We meet as regularly as you need to review these figures and plan the next course of action.
Our team is comprised of certified experts in Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager and Google Data Studio.
Concrete results
Knowing what your visitors do on your site opens up endless opportunities. Optimise your offer, refine your content, discover new opportunities, understand why some prospects do not convert, and focus on your strengths.
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